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Strain Eye

Please consult your doctor before trying anything below

Around age 40 or 45, your focusing power starts to go and it can lead to eyestrain. It is a gradual process that happens to every one. But you can get eyestrain at only age if what you are staring at all day is a video display terminal. If you find your eyes straining to read your birthday cards or a VDT screen, here are some suggestions that might help for strain eye.

Pay attention to lighting
It does not hurt your eyes to read in dim light, but you can strain them if the light does not provide enough contrast. Use a soft light that gives contrast, but not glare, when you read, and do not use any lamp that reflects light directly back into your eyes

Try reading glasses
You can get them from your doctor or even from your drugstore. If you have good distance vision in both eyes and just have trouble seeing up close, go to your local drugstore and buy reading glasses they have on display there.

Pick the right power.
You are the best judge of which reading glasses work best for you. Pick the weakest or least powerful once that will allow you to read at the distance you want. If you buy ones that are too powerful, you will see fine up close, but things will be blurred beyond that distance.

Interrupt your work.
Save and store what is on your VDT screen every once in a while, If you use the computer for 6 to 8 hours. Take a break every 2 to 3 hours. Do some other work, get coffee, go to the bathroom, just take your eyes off the screen for 10 to 15 minutes, also consider working from a printout of your screen